Boys Black Zipper Tie

Boys Black Zipper Tie

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This Boys' Black Zipper Tie features a pre-tied knot that, when worn, will look like a standard Necktie. However, a zipper in the Tie tail allows the collar to quickly expand and fit over the head without having to tie a knot. These Boys' Black Zipper Ties are available in an 11-inch or 14-inch length for boys ages 2- to 10-years old.


The length of our boys' pre-tied ties refers to the length from the top of the tie knot down to the very tip of the tie. Use the sizes below based on age as a guide only. For best fit, we recommend measuring the child from the top of the collar to the belt line, which is about where the tip of a tie should hit. Select the length of tie that is closest to your measurement.

11" Tie
2-5 yrs

14" Tie
6-10 yrs

Little kid zipper tie length
Big kid zipper tie length


The zipper must be released before wearing this tie. To do so, grasp the knot in one hand and, with your other hand, give a slight tug to each side of the neck loop to free the zipper. Repeat if necessary. Do not pull hard, as this may break the zipper.

To wear the zipper tie, pull the loop wider (moving the zippered tail up) to fit the tie over the head. Adjust the band under the collar, then pull down on the tail to tighten the tie.

Rubbing the zipper with wax paper or candle wax will help keep the zipper tie working easily and smoothly.

Product Features

  • 3" width, at the widest point
  • Available in two lengths (all measured from the top of the knot to the tip of the tie):
  • 11" length, recommended for boys 2- to 5-years old
  • 14" length, recommended for boys 6- to 10-years old
  • Color is black
  • Made from 100% Polyester
  • Satin finish, not too shiny, not too dull
  • Imported